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21   Journal of Alloys and Compounds [JCR rank: 4.67%], 545, 139-143 (2012.12.25[Link]

Microstructural evolution of indirect-extruded ZK60 alloy by adding Ce

Sung Hyuk Park*, Hui Yu, Jun Ho Bae, Chang Dong Yim, Bong Sun You

20   Steel Research International [JCR rank: 32.4%], , Special edition: 14th International conference, 835-838 (2012) [Link]

Thermomechanical properties and texture evolution of extruded AZ80 Mg alloy

Jonghun Yoon, Junghwan Lee, Sunghyuk Park

19   Transactions of Materials Processing [KCI], 21(6), 354-359 (2012.10[Link]

Tensile and high cycle fatigue properties of ion-nitrided and nitro-carburized SCr430B steels

S.H. Park*, C. S. Lee

18   Korean Journal of Metals and Materials [JCR rank: 24.67%], 50(9), 619-627 (2012.09) [Link​]

Corrosion behavior of AZ91 magnesium alloy

Chang Dong Yim, Young Min Kim, Sung Hyuk Park, Bong Sun You

17   Transactions of Materials Processing [KCI], 21(5), 324-329 (2012.08[Link]

Microstructure and yield asymmetry behavior of indirect-extruded Mg-Sn-Al-Zn alloys

Sung Hyuk Park*, Young Min Kim, Ha Sik Kim, Chang Dong Yim, Bong Sun You

16   Materials Science and Engineering A [JCR rank: 6.8%], 550, 118-124 (2012.07.30) [Link]

High-cycle fatigue characteristics of non-heat-treated steels developed for bolt applications

Sung Hyuk Park, Seong-Gu Hong, Young Soo Chun, You-Hwan Lee, Chong Soo Lee

15   Transactions of Materials Processing [KCI], 21(4), 240-245 (2012.07[Link]

Texture evolution of extruded AZ80 Mg alloy under various compressive forming conditions

J.H. Yoon, S.I. Lee, J.H. Lee, S.H. Park, J.H. Cho

14   Materials Science and Engineering A [JCR rank: 6.8%],532(15), 401-406 (2012.01.15) [Link]

Multiple twinning modes in rolled Mg–3Al–1Zn alloy and their selection mechanism

Sung Hyuk Park, Seong-Gu Hong, Jeong Hun Lee, Chong Soo Lee


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