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Texture tailoring and bendability improvement of rolled AZ31 alloy using {10-12} twinning: the effect of precompression levels

Jong Un Lee, Ye Jin KimSang-Hoon Kim, Jeong Hun Lee, Min-Seong Kim, Shi-Hoon Choi, Byoung Gi Moon, Young Min Kim, Sung Hyuk Park*

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Influence of extrusion temperature on dynamic deformation behaviors and mechanical properties of Mg-8Al-0.5Zn-0.2Mn-0.3Ca-0.2Y alloy

Sang-Hoon Kim, Sang Won Lee, Byoung Gi Moon, Ha Sik Kim, Young Min Kim, Sung Hyuk Park*

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Variation in crystallographic orientation and twinning activation with size of individual grains in rolled magnesium alloy

Ye Jin Kim, Jong Un Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim, Jonghun Yoon, Young Min Kim,  Sung Hyuk Park*

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Comparison of microstructure and hardness of pure copper fabricated by multi-axial forging and multi-axial diagonal forging

J.K. Lee, S.C. Kwon, S.T. Kim, H.T. Jeong, Y.G. Kim, S.H. Park*

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Performance test for laminated-type prosthetic foot with composite plates

Youngnam Song, Seung Ho Choi, Sayup Kim, Jongryun Roh, Jeanho Park, Sung Hyuk Park, Sung-Jun Park, Jonghun Yoon

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Enhanced yield symmetry and strength-ductility balance of caliber-rolled Mg-6Zn-0.5Zr with ultrafine-grained structure and bulk dimension

Taekyung Lee, Byung Je Kwak, Taein Kong, Jeong Hun Lee, Sang Won LeeSung Hyuk Park

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Improved tensile properties of AZ31 Mg alloy subjected to various caliber-rolling strains

Jeong Hun Lee, Byung Je Kwak, Taein Kong, Sung Hyuk Park, Taekyung Lee

115   Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology, 22, 492-500 (2019.08)

A study on the microstructure and anisotropic mechanical properties of oxygen-free copper fabricated by equal channel angler pressing

Jaekun Lee, Younggon Hong, Hyoungseop Kim, Sunghyuk Park*

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Effect of rolling temperature on the microstructural characteristics of high-speed-rolled Mg alloy with initial non-basal texture

Su Jin Lee, Ye Jin Kim, Jeong Hun Lee, Sung Hyuk Park*

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Microstructural evolution of twin-roll-cast Al-Mn alloy during cold rolling and subsequent annealing: effect of number of cold-rolling passes

Kun-Su Kim, Sang-Hoon Kim, Yuhyeong Jeong, Jonghun Yoon, Jae-Gil Jung, Sung Hyuk Park*

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Image processing algorithm for real-time crack inspection in hole expansion test

Seungho Choi, Kwangyoon Kim, Jaeho Lee, Sung Hyuk Park, Hye-Jin Lee, Jonghun Yoon

111   Korean Journal of Materials Research, 29, 443-450 (2019.07.02)

Effect of thermal grease on thermal conductivity for mild steel and stainless steel by ASTM D5470

Young-Wook Cho, Byung-Dong Hahn, Ju-Ho Lee, Sung Hyuk Park, Ju-Hwan Baek, Young-Rae Cho

110   Journal of Alloys and Compounds [JCR rank: 7.237%], 791, 700-710 (2019.06.30)

Twinning and slip behaviors and microstructural evolutions of extruded Mg-1Gd alloy with rare-earth texture during tensile deformation

Sang Won Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim, Wan-Kuen Jo, Won-Hwa Hong, Woong Kim, Byoung Gi Moon, Sung Hyuk Park*

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Partial strengthening method for cold stamped B-pillar with minimal shape change

Kwangyoon Kim, Youngnam Song, Wooho Yang, Hyencheol Choi, Sung Hyuk Park, Jonghun Yoon, 

108   International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology [JCR rank: 45.918%], 102, 3849-3863 (2019.06)

Wrinkling prediction for GPa-grade steels in sheet metal forming process

Chanhee Won, Hyung-gyu Kim, Seokryul Lee, Dongjin Kim, Sung Hyuk Park, Jonghun Yoon

107   Journal of Materials Research and Technology [JCR rank: 12.5%], 8(3), 3167-3174 (2019.06)

Microstructural characteristics of magnesium alloy sheets subjected to high-speed rolling and their rolling temperature dependence

Jeong Hun Lee, Sang Won Lee, Sung Hyuk Park*

106   Journal of Alloys and Compounds [JCR rank: 7.237%], 787, 519-526 (2019.05.30)

Improvement in bending formability of rolled magnesium alloy through precompression and subsequent annealing

Jong Un Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim, Ye Jin Kim, Sung Hyuk Park*

105   Materials Science and Engineering A [JCR rank: 8.553%], 754, 38-45 (2019.04.29)

Grain size effect on twinning and annealing behaviors of rolled magnesium alloy with bimodal structure

Ye Jin Kim, Jong Un Lee, Sang-Hoon Kim, Young Min Kim, Sung Hyuk Park*

104   Journal of Materials Science & Technology [JCR rank: 3.289%], 35(4), 473-482 (2019.04)

Dynamic deformation behavior and microstructural evolution during high-speed rolling of Mg alloy having non-basal texture

Sang-Hoon Kim, Jeong Hun Lee, Chong Soo Lee, Jonghun Yoon, Sung Hyuk Park*

103   Metals and Materials International [JCR rank: 36.184%], 25, 372-380 (2019.03)

High-strength AZ91 alloy fabricated by rapidly solidified flaky powder metallurgy and hot extrusion

Taekyung Lee, Michiaki Yamasaki, Yoshihito Kawamura, Jongbin Go, Sung Hyuk Park*

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Recent progress and development in extrusion of rare earth free Mg alloys: A Review

S.J. Meng, H. Yu, S.D. Fan, Q.Z. Li, S.H. Park, J.S. Suh, Y.M. Kim, X.L. Nan, M.Z. Bian, F.X. Yin, W.M. Zhao, B.S. You, K.S. Shin

101   Composite Structures [JCR rank: 22.0%], 15, 836-846 (2019.01.15)

Effect of auxetic structures on crash behavior of cylindrical tube

Wonjoo Lee, Yuhyeong Jeong, Jesung Yoo, Hoon Huh, Sung-Jun Park, Sung Hyuk Park, Jonghun Yoon


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